What will you leave behind
for your loved ones?

  • “I just lost my husband. I’m dealing not only with grief but fear because I don’t have a clue what to do next. He took care of everything.”

  • “My mother wants me to be her executor. I hope she let’s me in on her affairs!”

  • “We have small children. What happens to them and all of our 'stuff' if something tragic happens to us?”

  • “I don’t know anything about handling someone’s estate. I have trouble reconciling my own checkbook!”

Death can be a distasteful topic..but it WILL happen. Preparing a guide book such as AFTER I’M GONE for our loved ones eliminates fear and frustration.

“This is the greatest tool I’ve ever seen to prepare my family for dealing with our estate! There’s nothing like this, ANYWHERE.”
Winnie Parsons, Longview, WA 

This book is very comprehensive to prepare anyone for unforeseen accident or death. If you are asked to be an estate or living trust executor, completing this book should be required.”
Krystal Pease, CPA LLC Beaverton, OR

“As parents of a young child, we now have peace of mind knowing that we have everything in order for her in case we are no longer here to care for her.” Susan & Ken Hines Washougal, WA